• To Reach 5 Million Children Globally by 2020

    Every child has potential to succeed and remain outstanding in life. Join us to make an impact and help bring transformation in the world.

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    Providing Educational Tools, Meeting Learning Needs

    Education is the bedrock for future stability and prosperity. We provide relevant tools that enhance child's performance and enable them realize their dreams in life.

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    Get Involved and Make A Difference

    We partner with institutions, individuals, organizations, NGOs and government to help bring out the best in every child because every child deserve the best.

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  • Kelly Benedict Child Support Initiative (KBCSI) is a global initiatives established to bring out the best in every child specifically for high school students and primary schools - meeting their learning needs, enabling them accomplished their greatest potentials, live a life of excellent for quality impact on society and world at large.

    We partner with institutions, individuals, organizations, NGOs and government to address today's world most pressing challenges based on our five pillars as follow:

    • Family. Family issues affecting child development and parents-child relationship
    • Education. Giving meaning to education, strengthen teachers-student connection and parent’s participation
    • Career. Cultivating options and guiding student through chosen career path for future success
    • Future. Equipping student with the right resources and tools needed to achieve their desired goals in life
    • Values. Inculcating relevant values to ensure they sustain achieved success and become a useful citizen. 

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  • Books - Enabling Parents Raise Excellent Children

  • This inspiring book shows you how to help your children connect to their passions, realise their dreams, and create a life of responsibility and joy.

    Marshall Goldsmith, author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 best seller, Trigger

  • My dad, Zig Ziglar, often said, “We don’t always need to be told, but we often need to be reminded.” Promoting Student Success is a great reminder of what is necessary for the growth and development of successful students to successful adults.

    Tom Ziglar, proud son of Zig Ziglar, CEO, Ziglar, Inc.

  • No instruction manual comes with children. Raising them requires care. In Promoting Student Success, Kelly Benedict provides that instruction manual for parents, giving much needed and practical advice on what parents should do and how they should do it.

    William J. Rothwell PhD, Bestselling Author and Professor Pennsylvania State University

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  • News - KBCI Latest News

  • KBCSI want to appreciate WE FM 106.3 Radio for the opportunity to join their cartoon discussion. We discussed certain cartoons that parents shouldn't allow their kids to watch because it's not beneficial to their growth. It was very inspiring and educational. The host did a great job. In as much as [...]

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  • KBCSI had a wonderful time speaking to over 400 students at Federal Government Boys College Abuja. It was indeed a great honor, teaching this amazing students Power Keys To Achieving Academic Excellent.

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  • Blog - Parenting Tips for Everyday Living

  • The best gift parents can give to their children is to guide and help them discover their passion early in life. This enables them to avoid future mistakes. How Do You Guide Your Child? Parents should consider the following tips. Pay Attention To Your Child: As your child grows from childhood to [...]

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    Research has showed that a well planned careerpath is the fundamental keys for every child to live a happy, fulfilled and satisfied life. But why do student often make mistakes? Here are few tips to consider: Parents are the driving force: Yes to some extent parents do influence their [...]

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  • We will be discussing certain cartoons that parents shouldn't allow their kids to watch because it's not beneficial to their growth. Summary of Our Discussion on WE FM 106.3 Radio Many parents rely on the Cartoon TV to be best source of entertainment for their children. Some of the questions we [...]

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    How well do you know your children? How is the relationship between you and your children? Have you ever wonder, how can I communicate and understand my children better in order to build a lasting relationship with them? Improving parent-child relationship is one of the greatest things you will ever[...]

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  • Quote on Values
    April 13, 2018 | Daily Quotes

    Our children may not remember all the materials things we give to them in years to come but; they will never forget the values you thought them. Values for good character. Values for meekness. Values for wise living. Values for contentment. Values to love God. Values for diligence. Letting them know[...]

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    Ideas about Values, Morals and Ethics The foundation of character is the values we use to guide our daily actions. Values make things right or wrong, forge our decision process, drive our desire for a career, our choice of mates and even our ultimate contribution to the world. As parents, we are the[...]

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  • Get Involved - Together we can make an impact and help bring transformation in the world

  • By 2020, our goal is to partner with 20,000 schools - meeting their learning needs, improving quality education, and laying a foundation that enables student develop their moral character, social life and to become a useful citizen.

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  • Every child has potentials to be great and remain outstanding in life. Our ultimate aim is to provide relevant educational tools and resources that enable them attain their goals, achieve their dreams and live an excellent life.


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  • We Partner With School Owners | Ministry of Education| NGO | Individuals