• Reasons Why Students Choose the Wrong Career Path

  • Research has showed that a well planned careerpath is the fundamental keys for every child to live a happy, fulfilled and satisfied life. But why do student often make mistakes? Here are few tips to consider:

    1. Parents are the driving force: Yes to some extent parents do influence their children’s career decisions. The parents are the driving force and they highly influence the career choices.
    2. High salary and societal pressure: No one wants to earn peanuts. Many children choose practical high earning occupations due to family and society influence as opposed to arts, music and drama, to which the society looks with fishy eyes.
    3. Informed decision by relatives. Children choose what they are not meant for or they do not have an interest in doing due to what relatives will say. This pressure leads to making of wrong career choices.
    4. The peer pressure: Not just this, the peer pressure is also one of the major reasons behind the crucial decision of choosing the career. The peer friends, the same age cousins also force to pursue exactly what they have pursued. The children when they are compared to the other children, the wrong influential factor takes toll on the future of children.
    5. Lack of motivation factor: Parents, society and also the relatives should motivate children in pursuing what they are better in rather than imposing their own wishes and dreams. Parents wish for a child to be medical doctor, but the child wants to go for interior designing, then why not let the child do what interest him or her the most.
    6. Positive or negative influence: The influence of parents can be positive as well as negative in choosing the career of the children. It becomes positive when they allow children to follow their dreams. Children work well when they are determined about something but fail to give the best result when they are forced to do something.
    7. Availability of course: Many children also choose wrong career path due to the availability of the course to study in the higher institution.

    The question still remains, how do I help my child over these mistakes? Watch out to our next series “Discovering Your Child Passion & How To Guide Them Successfully”



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