• Who We Are

  • Kelly Benedict Child Initiative is a global initiatives established to bring out the best in every child specifically for high school students and primary schools - meeting their learning needs, enabling them accomplished their greatest potentials, live a life of excellent for quality impact on society and the world at large.

    We partner with institutions, individuals, organizations, NGOs and government to address today's world most pressing challenges based on our five pillars as follow:

    • Family. Family issues affecting child development and parents-child relationship.
    • Education. Giving meaning to education, strengthen teachers-student connection and parent’s participation.
    • Career. Cultivating options and guiding student through chosen career path for future success.
    • Future. Equipping student with the right resources and tools needed to achieve their desired goals in life.
    • Values. Inculcating relevant values to ensure they sustain achieved success and become a useful citizen


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  • By 2019/2020, KBCI aim:

    • To reach 5 million parents and students globally.
    • One million active subscribers for KBCI weekly Newsletters.
    • Establishing Today's Child Talk KBCI TV and Radio program in 50 countries including Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Middle East.
    • To partner with over 20,000 high schools globally, improve student academic performance, career success and reduce other moral issues affecting their personal development.
    • To distribute one million weekly printed articles focusing on Parenting Tips for Everyday Living across Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Middle East.
    • To launch 20,000 parent chapter forum globally by engaging parents effectively towards accepting responsibility and actively involved for their child's success both personally and academically.
    • To create a world where parents and their children have a good relationship, ability to interact as a family, live in unity, happiness and success for betterment of our society.  

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