• Student Initiatives

    •  Show Me Your Talent. This event creates a platform for a student who may not be academically sound doesn't mean they're inadequate but they have passion and talent which could be a catalyst to succeed and reach their goals in life.
    • Student Academic Forum. This forum is designed where excellent student shares their experience among other fellow students as a way to inspire low performing student to improve their academic performance.
    • Student Empowerment Charge. This program is a thought provoking keynote speech aim to prepare student for a new session, redefining their mentality and repositioning them with right mind-set to achieve outstanding performance.
    • Preparing Students for Life. This session is designed to teach student certain values and principles that could enhance their social life, moral and prepare them for future.
    • Student Celebrity Empowerment. This session aim to invite celebrities in different industries as a role model to visit high schools and inspire students through lessons learned and principles of becoming successful. 
    • Power Keys To Achieve Academic Excellence. This session enables student identifies obstacles hindering their academic success and provide practical steps to overcome those challenges.
    • How To Decide Which Career Is Right For Me. This workshop enables final year high school student preparing to enter university to make right decision before choosing career-path. 

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